Welcome to my web page! I am currently in the process of querying my Young Adult Fantasy Novel, Blood Ties, and am wrapping up my rough draft of Blood Lines, which is book #2 in the series. 

Current Project

Blood Ties

People think life as a human is unfair; clearly, they’ve never been a vampire. Hunted by her father, the immortal King of Assassins, all Adina wants to do is keep her head down and survive long enough to disappear into the night, permanently. If only the more powerful vampires would leave her be.

After working diligently for fifty years to throw her father off of her trail, Adina, a failed assassin, is summoned by the most powerful vampire on the continent to an insignificant mountain pass for what she assumes will be a simple assassination contract. Her assumption could not be more wrong. Caught as a pawn between two powerful vampires with mysterious motives, her only option is to work with a man who massacred her people, and to fight the growing spark between them, if they want to survive.

About Me

I grew up in Missoula, Montana before moving to eastern Washington state for college. Upon graduating, I decided I was going to be a rich and famous actress in L.A. I worked for six months until the 2007 Writer’s Strike hit, providing me with a convenient excuse to return home to pursue a career that I could achieve success by helping people rather than stabbing them in the back. I am now an eye doctor by day, and a paranormal fantasy writer by night.

My hobbies include hiking, photography (preferably while hiking), bicycling, and playing with my kitten, Princess Nalani Almea Prancer Pounce-a-Lot. (This is what you get when you tell your husband he can name the kitten.)