Books by Series

I write multiple books in a series because I obsess about the fantasy worlds and am a sucker for epic adventures that move through mutilple novels. Below you’ll find each series description. Click on the series title for more information on the specific books, plus progress indicators so you can be ready for the next release. And check out my prequels, standalones, and anthology contributions too!

The Vampire Assassin Chronicles

A young vampire must out-manipulate her father, the King of Assassins, and her grandfather, the First Vampire, to prevent the resurrection of a dead goddess and avert the Cataclysm.


The Shifter queen

A shapeshifter masquerading as a human must escape the king who wants her dead, unite two warring races and preserve the realm, all while learning to control her unpredictable magic and not lose her heart to the enemy.

The Desert Rose

Gin’s an escaped slave and the best assassin in the realm. Divinius is an elven crown prince with no throne. He has everything she needs to gain her freedom, including an army, if she can help him reclaim his kingdom before her master catches her.

Stand-alones, Anthologies, and More

I also create stories that are adjacent to my main series. For example, in this section you’ll find information about my novelette “The Art of Blood and Death,” which appears in the five-author science fiction-fantasy anthology, The Penumbra: Between Life and Death, available for purchase November 13.

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