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My ebooks are available through Everand (formerly Scribd) and through KoboPlus. (You don’t need a Kobo device, the Kobo app is free on your phone, tablet, and PC.

Everand and KoboPlus are subscription services, much like Kindle Unlimited. Both Services have 30 day FREE trials (if you read fast, you can read all my books FREE.) Learn more about KoboPlus and Everand.

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I love to read! I also have a budget, so I support my book habit by frequenting my local library. Maybe you do, too. All of my books–both eBook and physical copies–are currently available to libraries through Overdrive/Libby (the most popular app), CloudLibrary, BorrowBox, and more. (The wait time to be published to Hoopla is often measured in years, so while I am working on getting my books there, it’ll be a bit of a wait.)

If your local library doesn’t have mine, they’ll have a way to request it.

If your library doesn’t loan ebooks, you may be able to get a library card at a larger library system for a modest fee. Here is a website that lists libraries with non-resident borrowing privileges.

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